Top 10 Most Expensive Logo Designs

Regardless of how much time and money you spend on finding the right words that will represent your company and attract new customers, it is the Brand identity of the business that will resonate with people the most. This is why it is so important to have the right logo design, whether your company is a startup or a multinational corporation. A logo is more than just a bunch of colours, shapes, and letters. It is the company’s calling card, capable of breaching cultural and language barriers. Just consider the Logos and Branding of the huge brands such as Nike, McDonald’s, or Coca-Cola. They are present all over the globe, and people know what they are, even if there isn’t any text to go along with them. They know what the company aims to deliver, and what they are going to get if they decide to spend their money. does not as far as new businesses are concerned, having the right logo can make a crucial difference between success and failure. Considering all of the above, it is hardly a surprise that companies spend millions, or even billions of dollars on advertising, as well as tweaking and redesigning their logos. This is the reason we have put together a list of 10 most expensive logo designs and rebrands ever paid by their respective companies.

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Top 10 Google Font Combinations

There was a time when almost every website content appeared to be similar.
This was because the knowledge about typography beyond the standard fonts was not known to many.
Furthermore, the availability of the different font styles was also limited.
We all depended on the typically same layout, web fonts.

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Graphic Design Elements Crucial to Your Website’s SEO

The internet is overflowing with SEO tips. If you are a business owner, you have probably scoured the web yourself, looking for easy-to-implement strategies to increase your rankings.
However, what you might not know is that your website’s graphic design elements are impacting your search engine rankings! If this is your first time hearing this, it is no fault of your own. Many marketing agencies and industry experts focus on keyword density and link building as their primary search engine optimization strategies. Both of which are important! However, web page design should never be disregarded, as Google considers all aspects of your website when deciding how much authority to give you.

Thus, your web design is equally as important as the copy on your site. We should know – sometimes we have had to redesign clients’ entire sites so they can get an ROI on our SEO services! So, how can you strengthen your website optimization and reap some ranking benefits?

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Top 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2018

Graphic Design trends change every year.
New technologies emerge, allowing graphic designers to explore the previously inaccessible, modern sensibilities take root and pioneers introduce the world to bolder and unique designs which then catch on.
Along with recent trends, graphic designers for hire are bringing back some old styles too.

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Vintage Logo Design

You might not appreciate the term, but we could say that the best marketing is emotional blackmail.

To get your customers to buy your product, you need to trigger some emotions, and one of the most popular choices for companies all over the world is nostalgia. In the past decade, more and more businesses are opting for vintage logo design in the hopes that they will evoke some money-spending urges in people, but is this effective?

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