Top 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2018

Top 10 Graphic Design Trends in 2018

Graphic Design trends change every year.
New technologies emerge, allowing graphic designers to explore the previously inaccessible, modern sensibilities take root and pioneers introduce the world to bolder and unique designs which then catch on.
Along with recent trends, graphic designers for hire are bringing back some old styles too.


1 – The Third Dimension

3D is not a new technology.
However, this year, the craze for 3D seems to have hit a fever pitch.3D is very much in vogue both, in still lives and typography.Anyone who has seen the boxes project by renowned designer Peter Tarka will know what I mean.
Award-winning design studio MVSM (Man Vs Machine) also used 3D to the hilt creating, what they called, Algorithmic Architecture, at the behest of Apple who wanted to test how far the new iMac pro could be pushed. Similarly, 3D has started getting infused into typography as well.

2 – Augmenting Reality

2018 is the year when, finally, a generation that has grown up on the Xbox will bring in elements formerly visible only in games and in cinema special effects.
Augmented reality, or AR to industry insiders, is becoming a growing trend in design – from logos to website designs – it’s pretty much everywhere.

3 – The grass is going to be two shades greener

2018 is the year of vivacity.
Vivid and bright colour themes are set to rule the roost as understated colour palettes are swept aside.
New, bright and bold designs are in vogue – aiming to catch the eye through shock and awe! If one were to follow trends visible on Instagram and Pinterest, they would know that 2018 is the year of colour, and very bright ones at that!
Fashion trends have also followed a similar pattern, pointing to a general affinity of the current crop towards brighter colours.

4 – Ever-shrinking spaces

The mobile phone boom and with the majority of us using our handheld devices more than the traditional PC or laptop, with smaller screens and varying resolutions, traditional logos haven’t always responded well.

While not a new concept in 2018, responsive logos were still very much the domain of a select few till last year.

New businesses understand the importance of being accessible to a potential customer on all kinds of devices, and hence, they hire graphic designers with express instructions to create a logo that’s responsive across platforms, especially handheld devices.

5 – Point and Shoot

One more design element that’s quickly coming into vogue this year, especially in website designing, is the interactive mouse pointer.

The single most user-friendly hardware in a computer has always kept improving, with computer manufacturers trying to outdo the other with new functions being introduced to the mouse in the heydays of the PC.

Today, with touch screens taking centre stage, the mouse functions have needed to improve radically.

The interactive mouse pointer has taken the mouse functions into the future.