Vintage Logo Design

Vintage Logo Design

You might not appreciate the term, but we could say that the best marketing is emotional blackmail.

To get your customers to buy your product, you need to trigger some emotions, and one of the most popular choices for companies all over the world is nostalgia. In the past decade, more and more businesses are opting for vintage logo design in the hopes that they will evoke some money-spending urges in people, but is this effective?


Why vintage?

Before we delve into the actual benefits and potential problems with nostalgic marketing, let’s discuss the very concept of using nostalgia.
Why is that such a potent emotion that it can inspire people to spend their hard-earned cash?
How does it work?

Nostalgia ties a specific object, smell, sound or something else to an old memory and immediately invokes all of the feelings we had at that point, mashing them into a compelling sensation.
Most marketing companies try to capture this emotion by finding something that seems specific to a particular period.
The funny thing about nostalgia, however, is that it is not constricted only by what you have experienced.

You can also be nostalgic about something you never actually got to see.

The Power of Nostalgia

OK, we understand the concept of nostalgia and what it usually entails, but why is it so powerful?
Where does it draw its strength from?
Well, the secret lies in the fact that most of our good memories from the past are idealised representations of real events.

If we could return to those moments, we would probably be surprised by how different they are in our mind.

How can a vintage logo design benefit your brand?

One of the first and most obvious benefits of using nostalgia in your branding is making a connection with your customers.
Now and then, you should remind your returning customers why they love your products and utilise nostalgia to show them that they have already made a good choice in the past.

In 2013, Microsoft released a blatantly nostalgic and suggestive marketing video where they introduced the new Internet Explorer by looking back at the ‘90s.
The video shows various things from the ‘90s humorously and interestingly and manages to include in the compilation their often ridiculed, simplistic and outdated internet explorer with its famous, old-school logo design.
The most critical part was their slogan “You grew up, so did we.”

Vintage design can also be a great way to save time and resources in your marketing campaign.
The fact that consumers recognise your old logo means that they already know what your company has to offer and don’t need to be re-educated.

Overall, it saves you time and money and works mainly on the strength of your product.
Coca-Cola, for example, does not need to tell their customers anything about their products because they assume that everyone already knows.

At the end of the 19th century, they created the famous logo design written in cursive and have remained faithful to it for many years.
Now and then, the company offers limited edition, nostalgic retro bottles with the vintage logo that became famous in the ‘50s and ‘60s named “red disc” that features a bottle and the company’s name.

Interestingly, as you can see below the actual video, there is a link towards a page called “Browser You Loved to Hate.”